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As many of you are aware, I’m sure, the first three females to ever graduate infantry training did so this week at ITB east. While they made history as the first to complete training, they will not be awarded the actual MOS or allowed into an infantry battalion to fight. From what I understand, the Corps is simply collecting data on the training aspect of the infantry, which, as many grunts know, is the least important part of being in the infantry.

If you really want to “collect data” (I like how there’s this implication of a really high-tech room with guys in headsets analyzing vitals in real-time), send them to the fleet, because that’s where the real infantry is born.

I feel like people have been waiting for me to say something about this, but I’m not really sure what to say. They passed the MOS training, which is really cool, but why not let them into the fleet? The lifestyle of the infantry isn’t just about what battalion you’re in when you get to SOI, it’s about the every day life of being a grunt. It seems like a hardy ‘fuck you’ to these ladies who just spent the last two months training to be something they’re still not allowed to be. The fact that they still have to go to another MOS school and be students again for another however-many months is just silly. If you’re really worried, try making them headquarters platoon folk first, where they can be company clerks, armory clerks, etc., which is all filled with 03XX people anyway. It may not be in the front lines, but at least they’ll be in an infantry battalion.

I suppose I don’t really have an opinion on this anymore, it’s going to happen anyway so we may as well embrace it. There’s not much anyone can actually say at this point that isn’t laden with an undercurrent of misogyny. The most that one can say with any legitimacy is that sexual assault will be a problem; but if you’re the kind of piece of shit that will sexually assault someone, it’s you that is in fact the problem.

I hate that sentence, “We can’t let women in the infantry, think of all the sexual assaults,” is basically giving shitty men a free pass to rape women. One can only hope that if, in fact, sexual assault does occur in the infantry, that the men perpetrating it will be punished accordingly.

To the ladies in the strip, I apologize if I didn’t nail your likeness down.

Well, not really, because you just graduated SOI, which means you’re all fucking boots.

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