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Terminal Lance Contest Winner “Narnia”


Congratulations to Martin Duran for winning the Terminal Lance strip contest!

In the short timeframe for the contest I got a number of funny comic strips for consideration. Ultimately this one stood out to me the most. For those of you that are unclear, it seems Abe has stumbled upon a mythical place where the HMMWV keys, chemlight batteries and other famous fantastical Marine Corps items are stored. Of course, anyone in the Marine Corps longer than 10 minutes knows the old jokes of “Go find me a PRC-E7,” etc. This strip was not only a clever joke but the artwork was good too!

I know my standards are vague and probably unclear, there really wasn’t any criteria for this contest other than an original drawing that made a good strip. Good artwork isn’t necessarily a requirement, but it certainly helps. Mostly, it helps illustrate the joke better. If the artwork is unclear or too crude, sometimes it can be too hard to read. I wasn’t really looking for great works of illustrative mastery, but it needs to read at the very least.

As I mentioned, there were a number of honorable mentions. Here’s some of the entries that I enjoyed but didn’t quite make the cut:

This strip was actually my 2nd place choice, the anime artwork works and the skating pun is a good choice.

This strip makes me laugh every time I read it. I’m Spanish, so I don’t really grow much facial hair, but I know guys that had to shave twice a day to avoid getting chewed out.

I like this joke, it’s very Terminal Lancian and he even crossed out the 2010 and put 2013 (my bad).

This strip definitely wins points for artwork, but the joke I think is a bit too specific (despite the fact that I worked in the MCBH Comcam shop for 4 months).

Not the prettiest strip of the bunch, but the point is good and relevant to the whole Bronze Star hoopla that’s been going around lately.

And this one gets an honorable mention for dicks.

There were many more entries, but these ones really stood out to me! Thanks to everyone who played along, it’s always fun to see what other Marines are joking about. On a random note, I thought it was interesting how many people used Abe and Garcia in their strips. Last time we did this, I don’t think anyone really bothered with them.

Congratulations again to Martin Duran for winning the contest!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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