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Terminal Lance #258 “Lost Innocence”


I was debating whether or not I should even do a strip today given all of the unfortunate news this week. For those of you not aware, 7 Marines were killed on Monday in a mortar training exercise. Another 3 Marines were killed in a murder-suicide in Quantico last night. Surely, this has been a terrible week for the Corps. However, my job is to bring laughs, so that’s what I’ll try to do.

This comic was actually inspired by me digging through some of my old photos today. Take a look at this F’N boot:

20 Years Old

This was taken at SOI West in 2006, yours truly (clearly in front of my wall locker).

That sparkle in my eye is something that was beaten out of me in the fleet. Not necessarily physically by my senior Lance Corporals, but by the omnipresent Green Weenie itself. I remember the day I picked up Lance Corporal, in February of 2007. I had basically just gotten to the fleet, I was a contract PFC so I picked up Lance before most of my peers. Little did I know, in my young mind, that I would stay that rank for over 3 years–all the way up to my EAS date. I think back on myself, the naivety and innocence of being a boot Marine.

I even remember getting to the fleet and meeting my disgruntled senior Lance Corporals and thinking to myself, “Oh they just had a bad experience or have a bad attitude, that won’t happen to me. It must be their fault they aren’t Corporals and Sergeants.” Only a boot could maintain that mindset. It was probably the last thing I’d expect for me to end up becoming the coveted Terminal Lance of the Marine Corps, but here we are.

Despite the terrible news of the week, try to carry on and enjoy yourself this weekend.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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