Terminal Lance “Kashyyyk Rises”

February 1, 2013

If you’re a living, breathing soul with any relation to the Marine Corps whatsoever, I’m sure your Facebook has been blowing up with photos of wookies and kitchen jokes for the last week or so. I know mine has, and while it’s been entertaining, I think people jumped the gun a little bit. People seemed surprised that I hadn’t touched on the subject when it happened, but honestly I think the initial announcement was a bit too vague for me to really grasp at the time.

Especially now, just within the last 24 hours, the CMC has released a statement saying that there’s still research to be done on the subject until 2016. With that said, I’ve already stated previously how I feel about women in the infantry. I’m not one to cling too hard to principle, my stance is simply a matter of logistics and physical aptitude. For me it’s also simply a matter of fixing what isn’t broken. The infantry doesn’t need women. I have little regard for gender arguments, I think some of the sillier ones are that “they’ll get raped” and “men will want to protect them.”

Regardless, I have gotten some good laughs out of my Chewbacca-themed Facebook wall lately. If you’re confused about the wookie references, I’ll just say this: if you have to ask, you’re probably not a Marine.

On a final note, why is Kashyyyk spelled with three y’s?