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Terminal Lance #247 “Logging the Logbook”


Everyone knows it sucks when you have no friends. When you’re a Marine on duty, you have no friends.


Unfortunately duty just sucks. What is there to do other than fuck around with the logbook. For those not in the know, a logbook is a little green notebook (Why is it always green? What brand is that anyway?) that stays at the duty desk with a ruler and a pen strung to it. The idea being that the duty and A-duty will write log entries detailing the events of the night. This can be important for recording incidents and such, as it provides a written and official record for any purpose that could come to mind.

It’s also just an annoying little book you have to keep track of at all times. Can’t blame a Marine for having some fun with it when the opportunity arises.

After all, he has no friends.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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