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Terminal Lance #246 “All Your Base: MCBH Kaneohe Bay”


I’ve heard people say that they prefer being stationed in places like 29 Palms and Camp Pendleton because of the “good training” they receive while aboard these expansive government properties. If that’s what you have to tell yourself to keep yourself convinced you’d rather be anywhere but Marine Corps Base Hawaii drinking piña coladas on the beach with 18 year old mocha-skinned University of Hawaii girls, carry on. Me personally? I’ll gladly give up a few demo ranges a year in favor of year-round 85 degree weather, amazing food, beautiful women (and tourists), beaches in all directions, great surfing, and Teddy’s Bigger Burgers.

Sure some Marines might bitch about it, for various reasons, but make no mistake: Hawaii is fucking great. I loved Hawaii; I loved being able to wear flip-flops year-round, all day every day. I loved taking my dog to the beach every day after work. I loved going to the strip and being somewhere I would never be able to afford to go otherwise. I loved the little island of Oahu, swimming with the honu in the day and partying in Waikiki at night. Sure, you might feel a little cabin fever when you first get there, but once you get a car and are able to travel off of the 3 square-mile base in absolute freedom, you’ll learn to love it as well.

Besides, the training isn’t so bad. We have a pretty good MOUT town at Bellows, a place I’ve spent countless nights in the dirt. There’s also always PTA on the Big Island for more expansive training, unless of course you’re grounded by the infamous Nēnē’s. And who can forget the endangered booby birds that have taken up a precarious residence behind the base rifle range?

Marine Corps Base Hawaii is the best place you could possibly ask for to be stationed as a Lance Corporal. Love it or leave it, ainokea.

In other news, school starts this week! Look forward to more sleepless nights and crazed blog entries in the near future. Also, I’m still selling advertising space on the site, click the “Contact” tab at the top of the screen to email me about it.

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