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Terminal Lance “Merry Christmas 2012!”


There’s something about torturing boots during Christmas that always gives me a jingle in my jollies.

Today is Christmas, and if you’re like most Americans you’re probably celebrating it secularly with little regard to baby Jesi and virgin Madonna’s. Well, that’s how my family always did it anyway. Christmas in America is really more of a celebration of consumerist culture rather than nativity scenes and the birth of Christ. Regardless of how nihilistic one can be when looking at the American holiday, I do enjoy the holiday as it generally gives me a chance to connect with my family. Ever since I enlisted I’ve always kind of been the black sheep, never really around and off doing my own thing out in the world. It seems silly to rely on a holiday to get closer to my relatives, but unfortunately (and realistically) that’s just how it is.

I’m in Portland for the time being, I drove about twelve straight hours the other night from the San Francisco bay area to here. It would have been about nine, but I got stuck in Weed (Shasta area) for a good while. There was an accident in the snow, traffic was halted for at least an hour and driving through the snow was arduous. I’ve seen snow in my time, but this was on a level of absurdity I’ve never experienced. It was the kind of snow that one can only imagine came from the spell of some insidious sorcerer casting his hatred upon the mountainside; perhaps trying to halt a fellowship of hobbits, dwarves, elves and men from reaching their goal… or perhaps I’ve just watched too much Lord of the Rings lately.

Anyway, Merry Christmas! Don’t forget about our brothers and sisters currently overseas in Afghanistan (and other places). I wish you all the best and enjoy the holiday the best you can. And remember, he sees you when you’re sleeping.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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