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Terminal Lance #242 “Dress Blue Blues”


I like wearing my dress blues for the most part. They look snazzy as shit, I look great in them, and that’s all the reason I need. That little neck thing bugs the fucking hell out of me though. It’s one of those little things that you sit there and pick at for a couple of minutes before you give up and ask someone for help. Those couple of minutes are the most excruciatingly annoying minutes of your entire life. It’s basically a little clasp thing that brings the collar together.

I’ve long believed the collar of the dress blue uniform to be the key to its great success and wetting vaginas. The collar in combination with those two little golden Eagle, Globe and Anchors make that entire outfit. This delectable collar comes at a price though, and usually it’s your sanity as you try to clasp the damned thing together five minutes before you’re supposed to be out the door. A Terminal Lance Forum user gave this pro-tip:

Take the blues jacket to the tailor, replace the clasp with velcro.


In unrelated news, I’m still in Portland. Things have settled down now that all the Christmas hoopla is over with, so I’m just enjoying the rain, I suppose. If you frequent the Hotcake House on Powell at like midnight on random nights, you might spot me. I went last night, actually, and even saw a boot wearing a red USMC T-shirt tucked into his blue jeans with a raging-fresh high-and-tight.

It made me smile.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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