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Terminal Lance #224 “Child Abuse”


I don’t have kids.

I’m just being upfront about that before anyone calls me out about this strip. Naturally, if you do have kids you’re automatically more adept on this subject than I am.

I saw a lot of kids get high-and-tights while I was aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii. It was something I never really liked, as when I was a child my parents let me get whatever haircut I wanted. Some parents are very strict, others aren’t so much. I don’t have a problem with the method of parenting involved as much as I simply hate the high-and-tight haircut. Anyone forced to get that ‘do could be considered a victim of abuse. It is entirely also the case that many kids simply want to look like dad, so they genuinely want a high-and-tight haircut, which of course happens. I also had horrible haircuts as a child, so I understand; I rocked a bowl-cut for the majority of my childhood.

One instance of seeing a child’s haircut on base that I can recall was the kid of an NCO in my platoon. I never particularly liked this NCO, he was kind of a doucher for no reason a lot of the time. However, I instantly respected him more the moment I laid my eyes upon his son’s head. The kid had a mane of glorious golden locks like a Norse god down to his shoulders. For such a hard ass NCO that no one liked, it was at that moment I realized he wasn’t a gigantic douchehammer. You could see how much he loved his son by the mere fact he didn’t force the kid into any haircut out of “discipline” or any such nonsense, which I expected from him for whatever reason.

In any case, this is all just anecdotal. If you do have a kid with a high-and-tight, more power to you, don’t take offense. This strip idea was actually submitted to me by a Facebook fan. I laughed at the idea when I read it so I decided to roll with it.

On a random note, the official USMC Twitter page made a reference to last week’s “anatomy” comic today.

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