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Terminal Lance #225 “Sweet Vengeance”


How great would this be? I always wondered why you never see non-Marine husbands on base. You see the wives all the time… so many wives. But aren’t there married female Marines? Where are these heroes of men? This is truly the ultimate dream of every man–to live obligation-free under the paycheck and government benefits of a female service member.

This is a fantasy. This is literally all I would do. I wouldn’t even care if she were cheating on me with a good-looking Marine, I’d just bask in the glory of my accomplishment. To turn these tables would be the ultimate irony for the average Lance Corporal; the only difference is I wouldn’t be able to pop out a few kids from my gaping vagina. Regardless, every time we had sex I would intently keep my ejaculate inside of this poor woman for as long as I could, hoping for the skipped period that would further spell out my permanence in her life with the obligation of parenthood and family. My anchor-babies into this poor woman’s life would be called Eagle, Globe and Anchor babies.

My life would be awesome, and I would be happy.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

Terminal Lance #224 “Child Abuse”

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