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Terminal Lance #151 “Marine Hunters”


Anyone who’s ever been in a bar within 10 minutes of a Marine Corps base knows this story. The unfortunate truth to this is that, much like in the third panel, there’s always at  least one Marine that will fulfill the dreaded Marine Hunter’s goal of getting some of that 18-22 year old cock. I feel like any woman that even knows all the shitty bars that Marines hang out at probably is someone you should avoid, if you value the health of your genitals at least.

But hey, ladies, if that’s your thing–more power to you. I’m sure if there existed a place full of decent-looking young women willing to fuck anything that walks in for free, Marines and men in general would be all over it. I’m sure this could be spinned into a discussion of gender roles and societal standards, but lets not.

All of this reminds me of a friend of mine though, who was in my platoon. He would literally pick an animal and go out to the bars as some kind of sport. Some nights he would go cougar hunting, some nights he would go whale hunting, and some nights he would even go hippo-hopping. The guy would sometimes pick the ugliest girl in the bar, say to everyone, “I’m gonna drink her pretty!”, then proceed to pound alcohol until he had reached his goal and bagged her for the win–as if it was some kind of accomplishment to wake up in absolute regret.

But hey, we all need hobbies right?

Another slightly late update today. Keep in mind, update days are scheduled for Tuesday and Friday–there is no specific timeframe but I do usually try to get them up around midnight. Unfortunately this week wasn’t good for me, and I never really caught up on sleep from the long weekend of book-signing until today.

Speaking of books, if you don’t have a copy of “KNIFE-HANDS!”, you’re wrong! Srsly, I know today is Friday before the 1st, I know you all just got paid! I know some of you may fear online ordering, but it’s actually really simple and easy. Click here to order the book, or scroll up and click the little ad underneath the main title.

And if for some reason you haven’t seen my balls yet, please look here:

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