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Terminal Lance #152 “Blue Water”


I honestly don’t know if everyone can relate specifically to this situation, but I will tell you that the moment the blue shitter-water splashes up on your ass is the most terrifying thing a man can experience. This, of course, being the inevitable result of blasting the pot with a week’s worth of Chicken Patties and Wheat Snack Breads in what I can only imagine is a literal equivalent of being on the receiving end of intensely-gaping interracial anal sex.

I recall the moment it happened to me–it was CAX, 2007 at the “FINEX”. We were back at the “FOB”, it was day 6 or so (out of 11), and I had been clogged up for a few days due to the daily MRE intake. When I finally squeezed one out, the projectile fece exited my buttocks with such a force as to cause the foul water to propel itself onto my backside. My first reaction was to rationalize it, I thought to myself, “No… maybe I just imagined it…”

But I knew it wasn’t so.

Panic struck me, I reached for the toilet paper and wiped and scraped until I was raw. I pulled everything back on and ran to the hooch to grab my hand-sanitizer. Once I had the Purell in hand, I ran back to the “Honeybucket” and poured the Purell onto the toilet paper and began sanitizing every inch of my rear end–as I knew I wasn’t going to shower for another 5 days at least.

Overall it was a horrifying experience. If it ever happens to you though, try to stay calm and remember that you’re not alone.

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Seriously though, buying it supports the site! If you like Terminal Lance and want a way to help out, buying the book is a great choice.

In personal news, everyone at my school has been sick over the last couple of weeks so naturally I managed to catch whatever disease is floating around. Of course, it didn’t start kicking in until Friday and lasted all weekend. Cause, you know, that’s how I like to spend my free time–sick and miserable.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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