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Well this weekend was great! For those of you not in the know, which would be weird since you’re reading this, myself accompanied by my publisher went out to Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms this weekend to sell and sign copies of “KNIFE-HANDS!” This comic is based off of a scenario that actually happened on Saturday. Well… except without the hoodie and sunglasses. However, there were a couple of Staff NCO’s that didn’t want to take a photo with me, which I found somewhat amusing.

Trust me, it’s okay! I’m sure the Commandant himself is reading this and laughing, so don’t sweat it! We even had a Staff NCO take the duty van to our signing at the 29 Palms Inn!

Thanks to everyone that made it out! It was a great time, I always love talking to Marines. There’s something inherently great about chatting with Marines; I much prefer the simple honesty of the average grunt over the insincere formalities of the way many civilians will talk to people.

For those of you that missed out on this weekend, it went something like this:

Myself, Brian Iglesias and Anton Sattler (they published the book) went to Camp Pendleton and Big Helyn’s bar on Saturday. We met tons of awesome Marines and sold and signed a bunch of books. The crowd was mostly Marines from 1/4, 2/5 and I think 3/1. I think it was mostly 0311’s and 0331’s there, with a few POG’s and like one 0351. Regardless of what they were, everyone was completely awesome and we had a great time chatting with them all.

That night we wrapped up and drove to 29 Palms, stayed at a hotel and hit up “The Zone” in the morning. I think the boots scared off most the Marines, so I decided to try and get to Camp Wilson before we had to get to the 29 Palms Inn. 3/3 was at Mojave Viper, so I wanted to see if I could find anyone I knew. We hit up the Warrior’s Club and some guys from 3/3 came out, which made me happy. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay longer, but we had to make it to the 29 Palms Inn so we headed off there after a short while. The Inn was awesome, tons of guys came out, including an 0331 in Silkies! I even signed someone’s checkout sheet under “Terminal Lance of the Marine Corps”!

Overall the whole trip was great, we have a ton of photos I’m going to put up on Facebook after I go through them. I had to drive from 29 Palms to the Bay Area after the signing (8 hour drive, I got back at 2:30am and had school yesterday) so I haven’t had much of a chance to put anything up yet.

Thank you to the staff of the 29 Palms Inn and Big Helyn’s for hosting us, you guys were awesome! And thanks of course to all of the Marines and Sailors that came out, it was a lot of fun!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

“KNIFE-HANDS!” Book Signing!

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