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“KNIFE-HANDS!” Book Signing!


Hey everyone, come join me this weekend for a “KNIFE-HANDS!” book signing in SoCal! Here’s the gameplan so far:

Saturday we’ll be heading over to Camp Pendleton, we plan on hitting up San Mateo and Camp Horno from noon to 2:30pm or so. From then we’ll head over to Big Helyn’s Saloon in San Clemente where we’ll have books for sale and the actual signing event will take place. We’ll be there from 3-6 chilling out, so come on by just to say what’s up if you want.

On Sunday, details are still a bit sketchy but we’ll be in 29 Palms, on base, from noon to 2pm or so and we’ll move off base again for the actual selling and signing of books. Once I have the location off base I’ll blast it on Facebook and Twitter and here and wherever else I can, so just stay tuned and stand by for that. Don’t panic though, there’s really only so many locations to do anything in 29 Palms. I may also stop by Camp Wilson if I’m allowed to for old time’s sake.

In any case, I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend! Even if you don’t have a copy of “KNIFE-HANDS!”, feel free to come by and say hi. I’ll have some little bits of swag with me to give out as well (card thingies). Brian Iglesias will also be there, so if you have a copy of his Chosin DVD feel free to bring it for a signing. We also are planning on having some books for sale, though supplies will be limited and we’ll only be able to do it off-base.

Also, if you wear your silkies I might give you a high-five or something, or at least slap you on the ass. No balls.

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