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Terminal Lance #150 “Family Fun Day”


Family Fun Days are one of those things that everyone consensually agrees to be annoying, overdone, and unenjoyable in almost every regard. No one wants to go to Family Fun Day. You don’t, your wife doesn’t, your kids don’t, your Platoon Sergeant doesn’t, your CO, First Sergeant and Gunny don’t; and hell, your Battalion Commander probably doesn’t either. It still happens though, and you’ll be forced to go and mingle with everyone on your day off, because clearly spending every waking moment with eachother otherwise just isn’t enough.

The single Marines will stand around on their phones or talk to eachother in circles while dependents run rampant and motivators try to suck up to their command by engaging in some friendly discourse in proper civilian attire as if they don’t both secretly hate eachother when in uniform.

Family Fun Day just isn’t fun. It never is, no one wants to go, and no one should be forced to. They only make you go because if they didn’t, no one would show up.

In other news, I expect to be in SoCal this weekend doing book signings for “KNIFE-HANDS” somewhere around Camp Pendleton and possibly 29 Palms. Unfortunately, we still haven’t locked down the exact details but I expect to have more information tomorrow. I’ll keep the Facebook page updated and whenever I have an official announcement I’ll post it in the “News” section of the site (I really need to update that one more).

Stay tuned in the near future for more details!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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