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Terminal Lance #146 “Proper Civilian Attire”


Fashion and the Marine Corps don’t typically mix, at least not when you’re considering what many SNCO’s define as “proper civilian attire”. Don’t let those snazzy uniforms fool you, when confronted with clothing that wasn’t issued, many Marines have no idea what they’re supposed to do–and many take the regulations just a little too seriously. There is an obvious bit of irony in seeing someone dressed like a 1940’s golfer chew you out for looking “like a bag of dicks”.

While not everyone is functionally retarded in regards to their clothing, it’s something you see a lot on and off base. I believe it to be (more or less) the result of people that have been institutionalized since they were functioning adults, whose parents probably bought them all the clothes they had prior to joining. 20 years later, they’re in charge of everyone and no one has told them they look like an idiot. You can technically dress within regs and not look like a total douchehammer, but it’s a hard concept for some.

The Marine Corps has always been one of those things that seems to be about 10-15 years behind the times in terms of modern trends. Not just clothing, but you find many things on base to be behind modern standards. For instance, some stores or shops on base may only accept cash rather than debit or credit. That one always bugged me personally, who the hell carries cash on them these days?

Anyway, in personal news, I’ve got classes starting up again this week! Today, actually. Summer flew by pretty quick, and I realized I didn’t really do anything exciting. Oh well, I’ve had worse summers, after all (Iraq 07 and 09). It’ll be good to get back into class, and I expect to learn some new stuff that will help me with making cartoons for you all–so expect good stuff in the future.

Because I can, I’m going to plus my book again!

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