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Terminal Lance #121 “Those Kebabs”


When I was in Iraq, I always did my best to avoid the local food. Some Marines considered it a fun opportunity to try something new, and were usually met with a surprise-trip to the port-a-shitter later in the day. Perhaps it is my natural distaste for goat and lamb, but I only tasted the meat once, and never swallowed it. I will concede though; the hovas bread was actually really delicious.

I recall one week where multiple higher-ranking and billeted members of our platoon were struck with dysentery–the price of having regular meetings with the local sheiks and indulging on their USDA Grade-F goat meat.

Additionally, can someone email me the actual story behind “Wagner loves cock”? I’ve read it probably a thousand times in port-a-shitters, but never actually knew who Wagner was.

This strip came to me tonight when I was sitting on the shitter, stricken by Red Robin’s “Banzai Burger” (which is questionably “Hawaiian” despite the Japanese name). Apparently a teriyaki-soaked slab of ground flesh with cheese isn’t ideal for one’s digestive system–who knew? Despite my toilet-bound endeavors tonight, I was mostly disappointed to find that they no longer serve the coveted “Chili Chili Cheeseburger,” which has been a favorite of mine and the only chili burger I’ve ever really enjoyed since I was about 14. I cried a little, but I think it had more to do with the scalding fountain of liquid excrement expelling from my body than the loss of my beloved Chili Chili Cheeseburger.

In other news, I have crunch week coming up with finals following. I haven’t decided if I’m going to post any new comics during this week–possibly not, as I will be balls deep in animation homework. Last semester I didn’t have this conundrum, as I was only taking a mere 15 credits. Having added a sixth class to my semester was idiotic, but I’ve been managing thus far. Unfortunately, animation is very similar to drawing the strip–except I have to draw about 1000 different images individually to make it move. Animation is a love and hate relationship, but more love than hate. It is an art of patience, of little pay-off–but ultimately prideful victory in what you get out of it.

Like I said, I haven’t decided yet, but I will update with the status of new comics next week when the time comes.

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