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Terminal Lance #120 “The Lance Corporal Underground”


The Lance Corporal Underground is a powerful force within the Corps. It acts as an information superhighway as fast as any internet connection, phone line or otherwise for your inter-company and battalion rumors. It’s remarkably accurate for the most part–that is, unless you are unable to filter out the things that get tacked onto the rumors like titties and beer.

Today’s strip has some interesting notes about it. For starters, it was entirely done by hand. I decided that this particular tribute could only be properly done by hand with real ink on comic board. For those of you that are interested in classic American illustration, I’m sure you’ve already noticed the abode to Norman Rockwell within the layout of the strip. Lastly, all of these characters are real people! Well, not all of them, but I’ll leave you to decide which ones are or aren’t.

Unfortunately I’m a little too tired to think of anything remarkably witty to say, so I will leave you short tonight and wish you the best. See you Friday, devil-fighting-war-dogs.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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