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Terminal Lance #122 “Safety Stand-Down”


I don’t want anyone to think I’m making fun of suicide or anything serious here, just the safety stand-down in a general sense. Everyone whose been on a holiday 96 knows the horrendous experience of a safety stand-down. For whatever reason, the Marine Corps’ idea of preventing injury to fellow Marines is to make them sit through a mind-numbing six hours of classes prior to letting them enjoy a long weekend. I don’t know what statistical evidence there is to support this idea; I’m sure it exists, but for the most part, I don’t personally feel that six hours of texting-time is an effective way to put a stop to drunk-driving or more dire situations like suicide.

Perhaps a more effective way to combat these problems would be to allow these briefs to be done on a more personal level, perhaps at the platoon leadership or even lower. Training NCO’s and small-unit leaders to brief Marines on the dangers of everything the Marine Corps hates would probably be more effective, as having to meander to the base-theater in droves for an apathetic series of briefs on things they already know is somewhat redundant. Marines–well, anyone really–tend to tune out things performed in this manner anyway. Everyone knows that in education, smaller class-sizes are more effective–I don’t think this would be any different.

I’m sure you noticed there was no comic on Tuesday. I’m still working on finals, and I predict there probably won’t be another comic this coming Tuesday as well. I expect things to return to normal after next week, as it is the last week of school for me until summer. Once summer is here, I plan on making a lot of changes to the site, as well as some bigger Terminal Lance projects. Look forward to new things in the coming months.

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