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Terminal Lance #107 “Treasured Belongings”


Obviously this is an exaggeration, but I do know Marines that have framed their promotion warrant multiples of the same rank. I personally never got busted down, I just never picked up because of cutting scores (well, while I was active anyway–I think it’s common knowledge now that I got promoted in the IRR). A Marine that’s been busted down doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a shit-bag; a lot of good guys get demoted for a variety of reasons–some notably worse than others. Point being, just because someone’s got a few Lance Corporal warrants on his wall doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy.

You’ll notice the panel layout here is decidedly different than usual. I’m finding myself feeling the need to expand my horizons a bit while in my “History of Illustration” class this semester. Seeing works of incredible guys like Winsor McCay and James Montgomery Flagg every day is making me feel a little self conscious about my own work. Obviously Terminal Lance (the webcomic at least) has never really been the pinnacle of my artistic endeavors, but it’s still my baby.

Last week I went on a rant about the infamous photo I added to Facebook. In fact, out of all of the things I said last week between underwater promotions and Water Dogs, the one thing that got people upset was the fact that I mentioned Glenn Beck in my post. Glenn-fucking-Beck. I was shocked, truly, that people were defending Glenn Beck. I honestly didn’t think anyone watched his show without a sense of irony. In my head it’s always gone something like this amongst his die-hard fans:

“Hey Glenn Beck is on,” says guy.

“Glenn Beck?! That guy’s fucking hilarious! He’s crazy as shit but it’s so much fun to watch, like an exorcism or something,” replies other guy.

I was told to keep my opinion to myself. Really? This entire website is my opinion. If you’re not interested in it, I suggest you read another Marine Corps humor comic/blog.

My opinion on Glenn Beck? Well, I enjoyed 1973’s The Exorcist because of the well thought-out direction and genuine horror. I’ve never enjoyed Glenn Beck because he doesn’t provide genuine horror, but rather subliminal cheap scare tactics (that is, of course, assuming you can call looping Nazi footage in every other episode subliminal or even vaguely subtle) to get ratings. He’s just another television hack, making oodles of money off of fear-mongering.

Left, right–who cares? I just try to watch good TV.

One last thing:

The always-impressive Combat Artist Michael Fay (CWO, retired) is always up to something worth noting. Most recently, he took a trip to the Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia and produced another amazing body of work that can be viewed here at the National Post website.

Mike also did a series of articles for the New York Times blog section the “Opinionator” and another NYT section called Frontlines.

Michael Fay is a member of the International Society of War Artists. Info about them can be found at their blog here.

You may also remember Michael Fay’s work in Terminal Lance, when I was in the middle of moving from Hawaii to Oregon. Mike has been a huge help to the success of Terminal Lance, behind the scenes, and continues to be!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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