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Terminal Lance #108 “Disturbing Revelations”


With the exception of the characters of Abe and Garcia, this is actually a true story. I remember my first patrol in 2007, fresh out of CAX and ready to spot anything on the road that was worth spotting. Unfortunately, what they don’t tell you is that there’s trash everywhere. There was no organized trash cleanup going on amongst the Iraqi people when I was there; just leftover piss bottles, MRE bags and anything else the Iraqi’s didn’t want. Aside from trash, there were also craters and “suspicious” dirt marks lining every road.

Eventually the uncertain feeling of looming death goes away and with our daily outings into Zaidon it became clear what was supposed to be there and what wasn’t, but I would say that the first week or two were butt-clenchingly terrifying every time we went over a bump or drove next to something I hadn’t seen before.

There are some big things in loom for Terminal Lance. Notably, I will be at Wondercon in San Francisco April 1-3! Obviously there’s not a whole lot of Marines around the Bay Area, but those of you that may be around here I look forward to seeing. In conjunction with the Concord Vet Center, we’ll possibly be doing some giveaways or raffles or some shit. Either way, it’ll be awesome and I’ll be there–dressed as Captain America. Okay that last part isn’t true, but only because I’ll be representing Terminal Lance, not Marvel Comics.

There are other things in store, but nothing I can really talk about right now…

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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