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Terminal Lance #66 “Infidelity amongst Infidels”


In all honesty, I’m not sure whether or not this strip is about how much single Marines hate married ones for not having to field day, or if it’s addressing the more serious issue of infidelity amongst spouses and fellow Marines in the Marine Corps. Either way, hopefully its funny.

I think in all obviousness, Marines get married at a very young age more often than not. What do you get when you get a young, sexually inexperienced female in the height of her beauty; stick her in a fenced environment surrounded by attractive, fit, and most likely sexually-starved men? Common sense would dictate nothing good. Yet still, it’s always a surprise and the talk of the platoon when you hear about someone’s wife sleeping around behind his back while he’s deployed or otherwise. I’m not saying its right, and as a married man I obviously don’t support it, but it makes sense. And still, it comes as a shock to some to hear how high the divorce rates are in the Marine Corps.

On the subject of married Marines not field-daying, well there’s not a whole lot to say there–other than it’s an understandable annoyance for those stuck in the barracks through no fault of their own. I think it’s a serious problem in the Marines, the idea that the married ones are generally treated much better than the single ones. It is one of the primary reasons Marines get married in the first place, to improve their own quality of life by getting out of the barracks and not having to deal with the bullshit. But, as marriage rates go up, obviously divorce rates will as well.

There will always be that fine balance of divorce and marriage in the Marine Corps, and the military as a whole. I think an important step the chain of command needs to take is to address the issues of life quality amongst single Marines, and stop giving special treatment to the married ones.

I doubt that will happen any time soon, but it never hurts to hope right?

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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