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Terminal Lance #65 “LOL, Boots II”


I’ve never gotten a moto-tattoo before. However, I imagine that for the Marines that do this act of devotion fresh out of bootcamp, the scenario goes something like this.

Marines love tattoos. Pro-tip though: Don’t get a moto-tattoo fresh out of bootcamp. Wait a few years, if you still love it then by all means go for it. But please, save yourself the embarrassment of removing your shirt in front of other Marines by just avoiding it until future notice.

Given that Marines do in fact love tattoos. I can only wonder how many tattoo artists around San Diego–and other nearby cities to large bases–see boot Marines going to get EGA’s permanently engraved on their bodies, with juvenile moto statements like “One Shot, One Kill” and don’t say anything to them. I’m sure they’ve caught on by now, Marines are easy business, and I bet they get some kind of enjoyment out of it as well.

Moto tattoos are a magical thing, but be smart about them. More often then not, you may in fact regret the idea of an Eagle, Globe and Anchor (or even a baby Jesus) etched into your flesh by ink and metal.

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