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Terminal Lance #67 “Hypocritical Malingerers”


While I won’t discount the notion of malingering being a real phenomenon within the Corps, I think it is often overtly accused by higher command when they want something out of you. This is an entirely true story, almost word for word, that happened in my platoon. Our platoon sergeant and platoon commander at the time had literally accused everyone of malingering, while they themselves were actually light duty, as they told us literally within 5 minutes of the accusation.

I do think there are a lot of light duty warriors, we all know them–the guys that are always at medical, thinking of anything they can to remain on light duty, skipping out on field ops, etc. However, every once in a while–in our exorbitantly physical field of work–people get hurt and need some time to recover. It always comes as a shock the people in charge, to think that Marines may actually need a break after two weeks straight of 10 mile death-runs–while they themselves will often take whatever breaks they want.

In site news, you may have noticed that the internet has apparently become broken for a lot of people. Air Force Blues and Terminal Lance were both noticeably struck with attacks of the viral kind. The site is back to normal now, I was on top of it fairly quickly, and had the site back up in no more than an hour of time once I found the solution to the problem. You may also notice today’s late update. To this I tell you, I have yet to truly adjust to my new schedule. I spend about 12-13 hours a day on campus so I don’t typically have time to work during the week. I’ll get it the hang of it eventually, but you will all just have to bear with me for a bit longer.

On that note, I hope you all have a good weekend, and suck it the fuck up.

Also, this guy is the man, known as “LCpl Jones” uploaded to the FB fanpage by Stephen Rivera:

All clear!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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