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Terminal Lance #41 “Standing Post: Stages of Boredom”


Though it may seem like going from song to pubic arson is slightly far-fetched, I may remind you that Marines are a very special kind of animal. As well, when a Marine is bored, the final step of boredom is always something involving the genitals. Lighting one’s pubes on fire isn’t just something I made up either, this actually happened at least three times that I can recall while on my first Iraq deployment. These are the sorts of things you can’t really make up.

But, point being: when it comes to Marines, all paths eventually lead to the genitals.

Bored Marines are some of the most entertaining people on the face of the planet. Where else can you watch a common conversation turn into a wrestling match? Or watch common conversation turn into someone getting the tan-belt choke hold until they go unconscious? Or watch common conversation turn into genital injury? If I miss anything about the Marine Corps, it’s seeing what absurd and ridiculous things come of Marines with too much time on their hands.

In site news, stay tuned this week for some new prints going up on eBay. All of them are high resolution prints, on high quality glossy paper–all hand-signed and numbered by myself. Stand by for that, I’ll let you know via Facebook and the News post of the site when they go up.

Anyway, if I may segue way onto something completely unrelated–I’d like to mention a book self-published by a close friend of mine. Her name is Renda Dodge, and her book is called Inked. It has absolutely nothing to do with the military, but it is a great book by all means. If you’re from the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find it especially good since that is where it takes place. I am mentioning it because I genuinely think it’s a great book, I read the whole thing from front to back before she published it (while on my 2nd deployment, actually) and I couldn’t put it down.

The book is about a girl named Tori, who like many Marines, is covered in many tattoos. The tattoos are a way of keeping track of all of the impacting events on her life that have made her who she is. The story itself is a very rich, emotional and compelling tale. She is a very real girl, her mother is stricken with disease and she goes back to her small home town to take care of her in her last bit of time. All the while, she is uncovering events from her past that have been long forgotten. I was enthralled by Renda’s writing style, which is a very gripping form of up-front realism that delves deep into the mind of the protagonist.

Anyway, I know this has nothing to do with the Marine Corps or the military. If it makes you feel any better, I read it in Iraq, so that sort of makes it military-related (not really); but it really is a great book, and you should definitely check it out.

With that, I bid you all adieu and goodnight.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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