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Terminal Lance #42 “Calling Home”


A slightly late update on my part, due to the fact that I spent all night creating the new forum and exporting all of the databases from the old forum to the new one. I would like to throw out there that I loathe web-making of any kind; probably why I always preferred Captain America over Spider-Man. Really though, websites just aren’t my thing, which may seem odd for someone who runs one.

In regards to the strip, I recall frequenting the MWR quite a bit when I was in Iraq the first time. I was surprised making phone calls was even possible, but I always hated the complete lack of privacy. Not necessarily for my sake, but for those around me who aren’t quite as quaint as I am with their conversations.

The MWR and AT&T Call Centers were always a place you could find entertainment; if not for the activities they provide, then by the conversations you’re forced to listen to from the Marines surrounding you. The warm, greasy phones hastily wired to ply-wood walls and desks bring back fond memories of late nights in Camp Fallujah. Well, fond in retrospect anyway, at the time they were just as miserable as anything else in Iraq usually is.

Strange how you never saw officers or SNCO’s at the call centers… Oh wait, no it’s not; our platoon sergeant and commander had their own satellite phones they used to call home every night for free while we paid exuberant amounts of cash to call home.

Anyway, in site news: THERE’S A NEW FORUM! If you don’t want to participate, you’re more than welcome to lurk the threads to see what Marines are talking about. Interesting things come up, as well as interesting people. The new forum is SMF run, which is a much better set up than BB Press, if you ask me. I originally went with BB Press with the idea of integrating my blog with the forum user database. I ultimately decided against that idea, but kept the old board around for a while. It was passed due for a change, and I’m happy with the results so far.

In other news, there’s only a combined 8 prints left of #3 and #17. I don’t expect them to last much longer, I sold 10 in the first hour I had them up. People have been asking me if I can hold them. I don’t mind the idea, but unfortunately I have to give them to whoever pays for them. If you pay for it, I’ll hold it as long as you want, but I can’t hold one without receiving payment.

Anyway, it’s almost 0600 PST. I haven’t gone to sleep yet because of the forum and the strip. Oh the things I do for you, my beloved readers. I’m going to commence rack ops at this time, I bid you all a good morning.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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