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Terminal Lance #40 “Rip-It®: A Documentary”


Rip It® is a registered trademark of Sundance Beverage Company.

I’ll just get straight to the point on this one: Marines love Rip-Its.

For those of you that have never been to Iraq, a Rip-It is an energy drink that they hand out to the Marines and soldiers overseas like delectable cans of liquid candy. Despite the efforts to reduce the amount of caffeine intake by only making the smaller cans available to us, Marines will raid the chow halls when they get the chance and shove as many as they can fit in their cargo pockets, shove em’ in their trucks or keep a reserve in their cans. A good Marine can take about 8 out of the chow hall on a good run, and boy do they.

Energy drinks are big in the Marine Corps. I did this on Rip-Its because it is really as much Iraq humor as it is Marine humor. However, back in garrison–where the world is readily available–Monsters and Rock Stars are just as prevalent. I have yet to actually see the short cans stateside, though I wouldn’t be too shocked to find them.

In any case, the Citrus-X ones were fantastic. Many long nights in the turret were kept fueled by those sweet little cans of delicious. The initial idea for this strip was actually a live action documentary I was going to make on my 2nd deployment, given that I worked with ComCam every day and I had access to high quality camera equipment. However, that idea passed by and has been reborn here in 3 panels.

In site news, I’ll probably be doing another print run soon. The last set ran 10 limited edition prints of Terminal Lance #15, all individually autographed by myself. In my in-depth and accurate Facebook research, I’ve found its going to be a toss up between Terminal Lance #3 “Looking Professional” and Terminal Lance #17 “The Stare”. I’ll keep you all posted on when the new prints become available, I haven’t decided how many I plan on doing yet, or how much they will cost, but pay attention to the News portion of the site as well as the Facebook fan page for updates.

I’m also thinking of starting a Twitter for these sorts of things… I’ll keep you posted on that as well.

Peace out, war-fighting motivators.

PS: Completely unrelated but someone tell me where the best pancakes in Portland, OR can be found, I am on a quest! Good pancakes are a great thing in this world. I prefer them between the hours of midnight and 3am though, so being open late night is a plus. Good coffee is also a plus.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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