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Terminal Lance #39 “A New Staff NCO is Born”



After re-reading this when I woke up I realized I completely forgot to mention the original intent with this strip. My original concept was the idea that the Marines that are genuinely good and care about their jobs seem to get denied re-enlistment for the most absurd reasons, whereas the Marines who don’t give a shit but are re-enlisting because they have nothing better to do seem to get hooked up every time.

This has happened around me multiple times, good Marines getting denied while the douche bags persist. You’ll find that it happens all the time. Much like most things in the Marine Corps, it is a completely backwards system. Anyway, continue on to read the original, slightly off topic post.


While I’m sure some people will be offended by this strip, I might remind you that the name of the strip is in fact “Terminal Lance” and should be regarded as such. I will also say that I am hardly the first Marine to make this observation of the higher enlisted ranks that permeate the Marine Corps. The observation being of course that many Staff NCO’s are simply not fit for their rank; immature and hardly knowledgeable. I will not say that it is most, but I will say that for every decent, hard working Staff NCO that I had true respect for; there were probably at least two that were the exact opposite.

There are great Staff NCO’s, and there are not so great Staff NCO’s. I suppose this is true of any rank, but I’m not forced to respect the not so great Lance Corporals and below via Marine Corps Order. I have met Staff NCO’s that I truly thought were legally retarded, or otherwise mentally handicapped in some way. This isn’t just usual Echo-Three dribble either, there was genuinely something wrong with these ones. But alas, stay in long enough, and no matter how useless you may be, you’ll probably pick up.

It’s truly unfortunate that the Staff NCO’s that genuinely give a shit, that actually try to help Marines, and are capable leaders, are largely dragged down by those that slip through the cracks. In compromise though, I will say that this is also true of every rank in the Corps–from Lance to Brass.

To change the subject, I hope all of you had a good Memorial Day weekend. As I mentioned in the News post, Memorial Day is the day where you remember those Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen that gave the ultimate sacrifice. No matter where you’ve been, no matter how hardcore and awesome you are (and I’m sure you are)–you owe a debt to those who didn’t make it back from Iwo Jima, from Guadalcanal and everywhere else we set our boots down.

If you know someone, which I’m sure my demographic probably does, who died in Iraq or Afghanistan–keep them and their families in your prayers, and extend your condolences and thank you’s to the families they left behind. I know today is Tuesday, but its never too late (or too soon) to remember the fallen. As well, if you know someone who is currently in Afghanistan, think of them cause well… why not?

But enough preaching, I’m sure you all saw enough Facebook statuses regarding the matter.

Anyway, I spent this weekend with family, like I’m sure most of you did–though this was my in-law family. It was great except they’re all of Laos origin, which obviously isn’t a problem, but they do love to eat some… exotic foods. Needless to say, I wasn’t too big on eating grilled duck heads this weekend. Regardless, I had a great time anyway, as I hope all of you did this weekend.

I will leave you all with that, and keep it real.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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