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People typically think that junior-enlisted Marines have no power over the world around them. This simply isn’t true. If a junior-enlisted Marine wants to stop everything, everywhere, all at once, all they have to do is lose a piece of serialized gear.

There is nothing more heart-stopping, butt-puckering, and brow-sweatingly panic-inducing as losing a piece of serialized gear. The world stops for nothing… Except for this.

Serialized gear is anything that has been issued to you by the armory, essentially. Any weapon, equipment, or gear that you don’t get to keep in your barracks room is considered “serialized.”

(This is different than your typical CIF loadout that includes your pack and sleeping system, et all)

While the military might have the highest budget of any singular entity on earth, you’d better believe if you lose a $1200 piece of gear that your ass is going to pay for it.

Don’t be the one.

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  1. I was a non contracted Army ROTC cadet in college. During a FTX in a state park, one of the contracted cadets lost a clearly marked fake claymore shell. The entire exercise ground to a halt and we spent the entire afternoon looking for it. We were not successful. I never saw that unlucky cadet again. This was a huge FTX with numerous universities, pyrotechnics, blanks and BFAs and helo transport for contracted cadets. All stopped because of one plastic claymore prop. The exercise didn’t even stop when regular park goers got injured well fleeing in terror when they came across us on a major walking trail. It’s one of my funnier memories of my time in ROTC.

  2. Better hope that it’s just been misplaced temporarily, instead of having been “liberated” by that one and only thief in the Marine Corps…

  3. Hashtag FACTS right there

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