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All of us who join the military fight for a reason. For some, it’s the love their country. For others, it’s for the love of their family. For other others, it’s for the love of big-tiddy anime cat girls.

Whatever reason you have to fight, let it be a guiding light in your darkest moments.

For your pleasure, I’ve included a blank version to do with as you will. Fill it with whatever inspires you to keep fighting, warrior.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

Wagner Loves the Coup

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  1. “The Adventures of a Busty Cat Girl”


  2. like to see what others fill it in with lol

  3. I always just assumed Marines fought for their brothers, their Kameraden. After all, you don’t fight for politicians (they’re all owned by foreign or private interests anyway), you don’t fight for country (because it’s just an idea), and you don’t fight for a woman (because, let’s be honest, the only thing left are self-obsessed sluts who don’t know what loyalty and motherhood mean) so…what else is there, besides the guys you’ve been through shit with?

    I’d have a group picture of my squad; it’s tangible, reliable, relatable, and without them you’re dead.

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