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The 7-Ton Guy


Not all heroes wear capes. In this case, they tend to wear boots-and-utes and are under 5’6″ (so they can stand up straight in the back of the 7-ton).

The 7-ton guy is the hero we need, but definitely don’t deserve. They risk their backs and their bare hands to make sure those packs are stacked up and easy to pull out upon arrival to your (terrible) destination.

The 7-ton guy is the guy that is always there for us, even when we’re not there for ourselves. He’s the guy that you want to buy a beer for, even though he didn’t ask for one. He’s just there… Ready and waiting, until duty calls.

Thank you for your service, 7-ton guy.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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  1. Also Brent from #326 On the Ground?

  2. But when some chump thinks he’s ready for the responsibility but only bodges it. Oh the ire!

  3. I just realised that the Random Comic button is gone. That’s funny because years ago I wrote to another webcomic artist and went off about how they should have one, and I said Terminal Lance had one and how great it was. Raaaaah change bad etc. I’m guessing you took it out on purpose, because it seems like a hard thing to do accidentally, but please add it back or I will sneak on base, tactically acquire 100 Kevlars and hide them in your garage so you get the blame (dear federal agents, this is a joke) (maybe) (* in Minecraft).

  4. These are the guys that go on to become airport baggage handlers once they ETS.

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