Pugilist Feudilist

August 20, 2022

Nothing turns friend into foe more readily than being handed pugil sticks and an ugly helmet. These stupid toys turn the tightest of bros into the loosest of acquaintances; lovers into fighters; roommates into roomenemies.

Pugil sticks are one of those terrible things that your CO will bust out of the police shed once in a blue moon so that he can laugh and watch you all beat the shit out of each other. It’s one of those things that makes for a “fun” morning PT instead of the usual laps around the base, but still ends up being miserable for pretty much everyone while also incredibly entertaining for the riotous crowd of blood-thirsty Marines watching violence in front of them.

Overall, a great time for all (except when you get the shit beat out of you with a big Q-tip like I did).