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Sleeve Season


Last week marked the beginning of Daylight Saving in the US. You know what that means… Sleeve season is upon us! Rolled sleeves are iconic to the image of the Marine and thus are somewhat of a big deal. As you might expect, sleeves say a lot about the kind of Marine you might be.

A truly motivated Marine will put time and care into their sleeves for maximum crispness. They will be flat and sharp against the bicep, providing a watertight seal in the event of a sudden flood or if you need to jump overboard. For the Marine that gives somewhat less of a fuck, there’s the ubiquitous “Gunny-Rolls,” who acquired their nickname from an entire Corps of Gunnery Sergeants who no longer care to roll them properly.

The Gunny-Roller is a Marine with more important things to do than worry about their uniform. You frequently find these Marines amongst the infantry, who find themselves needing to roll their sleeves in a matter of minutes upon returning from the field and being forced to do some nonsense formation before they can be freed for their weekend libo.

In some ways, sleeve crispness is directly related to motivation, much like haircuts. Perhaps there is a chart that correlates sleeves with the amount of fucks one gives. It’s these small things that Marines have to signal their individuality that make them unique, subtle as they may be to the outside observer.

In other news, if you’re into NFT’s, please check out the Muhreens! Muhreens are a collection of 9999 warfighting NFT’s that I created to raise money to produce more animated short films like Post: Frag Out. You can mint your Muhreen today at! Each Muhreen is uniquely generated–there are no two Muhreens alike! I wrote more in-depth about my journey with creating the Muhreens a couple of months back right here.

I know people have feelings about NFT’s, and I don’t blame you, but I had a lot of fun with these. Join the official TL Discord or the Muhreen Discord for more info!

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