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Bullets Don’t Fly Without Supply


The POG’s are definitely having their moment over the Russian clusterfuck they’re calling an invasion. Reports from every direction are suggesting that Russia rushed into Ukraine with essentially zero plan, lying to their conscripts about it being a training event, and providing essentially zero tactical leadership as they were sent into the meat grinder. Russian units have been left stranded with no fuel, outdated food, and zero motivation to give their life for the cause. Ukraine claims that thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed or captured, and I believe it. It turns out, the old-world view of the military being disposable bodies doesn’t really hold up very well in the modern world of TikTok, where everything is documented in HD and blasted onto every social media site ever.

Never before have people seen such a glorious military clusterfuck in the clarity provided by modern smartphones in everyone’s pockets.

I’ve gone back and forth with my assessment of Russia’s military maneuvers, but the only conclusion I can reliably come to is that they just fucking suck. For real. I guess Putin thought it was still World War II and that just tossing numbers would mean winning. However, when you have modernly equipped, well-trained soldiers breathing Javelins onto your shit army, things don’t really go as planned.

For as much as everyone talks about how smart Putin is, he certainly seems like a dumb fuck. Next time, let the POG’s do their thing.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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