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Merry Christmas 2021


Merry Christmas, Marines. I got this gift for you. I’m sorry it’s not anything more amazing, a lot going on this week…

Unfortunately, my pandemic luck appears to have run out. COVID has found its way into my household, with my wife currently sick and quarantined in our bedroom while myself and my 8-month old baby are camped out in the living room. We are both vaccinated, so neither of us are that worried about ourselves, but our baby is obviously not. He’s been fine so far, but we’re just being extra cautious to keep him safe.

Funny enough, I had just gotten my 3rd vaccination (booster) the day before my wife tested positive. Aside from the usual vaccine aches and shivers, I seem to be doing okay as of writing. I’ll take this opportunity to say that getting all 3 of my vaccines at the VA healthcare center in West LA was incredibly easy, and I’ll happily recommend you all do it as well if you’re a veteran.

(If you’re active duty, I’m sure you’re already vaccinated since they’ve started kicking people out over it at this point)

Check with your local VA healthcare center to see when and how they’re offering vaccines. I was able to just walk into the West Los Angeles VA for my booster, which is great!

I know people get mega butt-mad when I talk about things like this, as I’m supposed to remain agnostic about everything at all times. I’ve always prided myself on keeping TL apolitical, and I still believe that I do that just fine. With that said, I do exist in the same world as you do. I do not exist in a vacuum away from the global viral pandemic that has affected the lives of every person on earth.

For my part, I’m really not worried about myself that much at all. Hell, after boot camp, countless vaccinations (including anthrax), and two Iraq deployments, I’m pretty sure I’ve been sick with every disease known to man. My white blood cells go to VetCenter counseling for PTSD. However, I got vaccinated against COVID to protect other people. People like my baby boy, who have no control over the world and can’t get vaccinated himself.

I hope it’s enough.

Stay safe and Merry Christmas, Marines.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.


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