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Terminal Lance “Oscar Season 2020”


I was really excited about seeing 1917 with all of the hype and buzz it’s gotten in the lead up to the Oscars. While the film is a cinematographer’s wet dream of visual splendor and directing prowess, I was gravely offended to find out that the plot was basically British Message to Garcia with some poor fucking Lance Corporal at the center of it being treated like complete garbage by every officer he comes across.

The story basically consists of two Lance Corporals being ordered to leave the wire, by themselves, deep into enemy territory, to deliver a message from one officer to another. Not only does this Lance Corporal actually save an entire battalion from certain doom at the hands of the German enemy, not a single officer in the entire story takes him seriously the first time he opens his mouth, or has the courtesy to say thank you.

With all that said, this might be the single most realistic war film ever made.

Maybe it deserves the Oscar after all.

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