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Terminal Lance #570 “The Ultimate Gamble”


There’s a lot of different people that join the Marine Corps. Some are pragmatic and measured in their decisions, factoring in a variety of different life variables in what should be a fairly major life decision of joining the US military. Maybe they’re thinking about career prospects in the future. What MOS should I pick that I can use to get into a lucrative career? Or maybe you’re an artist looking for an experience that enriches the soul, so you join the infantry, hoping to find that something that you don’t quite know…

…Or maybe you just straight up don’t give a fuck and you go open contract.

This is the ultimate gamble for the enlisted Marine, vesting your fate solely in Lady Luck. Perhaps you are a gambling addict, or maybe you grew up in Las Vegas. Maybe you have a disease of the brain that prevents you from making smart decisions, or maybe you have a terminal disease and you just don’t give a fuck where you go anymore.

These are the kinds of people that go open contract.

Open contract can lead you anywhere from the trenches of war as infantry, to the trenches of the chow hall as a cook. The options are limitless. Those who choose this option are the Marine Corps’ ultimate thrill seekers.

Would you take the gamble?

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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