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Terminal Lance #559 “Geek Corps”


Something that most civilians probably don’t know about the Marine Corps (and military at large) is that there is an unexpectedly large population of nerds and weaboos among the ranks. Anime posters, waifu body pillows, furry suits, video game collections, and other nerd paraphernalia are common sights in the barracks. In an organization where you’d expect to find nothing but the jocks and star athletes from high school, there is clearly something about the military lifestyle that attracts the misfits and the overlooked as well.

Perhaps there’s something to be said about succeeding in a space where no one would expect you to. Maybe there’s something about an organization known for its phenomenal ability to end human lives abroad attracts more interesting characters than you’d expect.

Whatever it is, you’ll find no shortage of the weebs, geeks, nerds and everything else across the ranks. For every typical drunken barracks brawl going on over the weekend, there’s likely a Mario Kart tournament or an Evangelion binge across the way.

Whatever you love to do, stay true to yourself. And remember… Your waifu is shit.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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