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Terminal Lance #557 “Restriction”


Before we begin this post, I just want to take a moment to honor all of my boys that can’t be with us today because they’re on restriction in the barracks. May they yeet in peace in between their hourly check-ins with the duty desk.

Restriction is one of those uniquely military things that only kind of makes sense in context, and would be absolutely outlandish in the civilian world. You see, the reason they call the weekends and other days off “liberty” is because you are off work at the liberty of your commanders. Your time doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the Marine Corps. It’s important to see it this way, because the Marine Corps considers that liberty a gift.

A gift that can be taken away.

Do something dumb enough and you’ll land yourself on “Restriction” status, which is where all your friends go have fun and you get stuck back at the barracks day and night, in uniform, being forced to check in with the duty every hour and do menial work. In typical military fashion, this punishment is nonjudicial, and is basically a long, annoying time out.

So while all of you are out this weekend, make sure to keep in your thoughts and prayers those Marines stuck in cammies in the barracks that couldn’t be with you. Thoughts and prayers.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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