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Terminal Lance #555 “Promote Above Peers”


The Marine that reaches Corporal before his friends is quite like the kid that hits puberty first. He used to be cool, but now all he talks about are girls and his three facial hairs. New Corporals are like this, except they only talk about “NCO Creeds” and their three peacetime ribbons. While they’re largely the same as the people who used to be their friends, they feel different.

The new Corporal feels the weight of leadership thrust upon him. He’s not just a Marine, he’s now an NCO of Marines. The rank of Corporal is a test of character that the Marine Corps wants you to fail.

Will you still be a cool ass dude? Or will you succumb to the desires of the Green Weenie and delve further into the dark side of the Corps? The Green Weenie is relentless, constantly trying to lure good Marines to being a dick.

Lucky for you, adventurer, The Terminal Lance Bestiary of the Marine Corps is here to act as your guide against the green forces of evil! The Terminal Lance Bestiary of the Marine Corps is a brand new eBook on Amazon and Apple Books, featuring character classes, ranks and all manner of creatures and ghouls you’ll encounter throughout the Corps. May it guide you in your darkest hours across the Corps.

Click the sad Corporal to find out more.

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