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Terminal Lance “Happy Halloween 2018”


The barracks can be a spooky place. In all reality, standing duty all night can be quite frightening. You often find yourself alone into the wee hours of the morning… You hear a strange noise, so you fulfill your obligations as the only sober person in the barracks and creep your way along the barracks catwalk to see where it came from. You approach the corner hearing a gurgling, wretched sound getting louder and louder. You turn the corner to find…

…A drunk Marine vomiting off the third deck at 2am.

The scariest part? You probably have to clean it up before the OOD comes by.

Other spooky barracks activities include locking your door and hiding under the covers while your drunk seniors bang on the door to drunkenly haze you late at night; or perhaps walking in on your roommate balls deep in a woman that can only be described as a beast of sorts, on your bed, leaving stains on your pillow. Very frightening, indeed.

Happy Halloween.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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