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What is… Anywhere else?

The military is a weird thing–especially as infantry–where you and all manner of other individuals from across the country get plucked and pulled from your past life and placed into a single spot, where you all can wallow in misery together. Very rarely are you placed somewhere very close to your home of record, unless you happen to hail from Oceanside or Jacksonville. In a rare twist, I had a guy in my platoon that was born and raised in Kailua (we were stationed in Hawaii).

For the rest of us, going home was quite the endeavor, reserved only for specific times of the year. Of course, being stationed in Hawaii was a unique thing on its own. If I were in Camp Pendleton, making a drive to see family would have been fairly easy, being from the west coast myself. However, flights off the island are expensive and few and far between.

More to the point though, a junior enlisted Marine will often find themselves wondering how and why they ever ended up there in the first place. Don’t worry, we all feel it. There are days where you’re pretty sure not a single member of your platoon actually wants to be there, but for some reason you all show up and sound off for roll call anyway.

Don’t fret.

The Green Weenie can stop a lot of things, but the one thing it can not?

The clock.

On an admin note, you’ve probably noticed my updates have been spotty lately. Not intentional, but I’m working on a really important deadline this month and it’s going to be like this until I’m done with it. The thing I’m working on? You’ll all find out soon enough.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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