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Terminal Lance “Memorial Day 2018”


The rules of the Marines standing post in heaven have always been unclear to me. Like, is that all Marines throughout all of American history? Only the grunts? Do the older generations of Marines get issued new gear to keep them up to date with the current load outs? Is there like a 4 year contract in heaven? So it’s like 4 years active duty/4 years IRR/4 years heaven? What are the Marines actually guarding against? Demons? I thought heaven was supposed to be perfect.

I feel like the Commandant of the Marine Corps really needs to come out and clarify this stuff, because right now none of it makes sense.

In any case, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. With that will come the plethora of social media posts either…

A) Guilt-tripping you with some random sad ass photos of dead Marines or something just in case you forgot what Memorial Day was about.

B) Super woke dudes that guilt-trip the guilt-tripping dudes by posting the same thing ironically

C) Advertising really insane deals on a new mattress

In any case, I know you guys have a 96 or at least a 72 this weekend, so please refer to last week’s comic and blog post for your safety brief.

Wishing you a great Memorial Day, whoever you are.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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