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Terminal Lance #516 “The Piggyback”


Does anyone have any saved rounds? No? Okay well let me just piggyback off what First Sergeant just said…

There are few things worse in a Lance Corporal’s garrison life than the piggyback. This is when a Staff NCO or officer feels desperately like he needs to squeeze in a few extra words or else the Lance Corporals of the company may go feral and eat the locals or something. This inevitably causes the weekend liberty brief to drag on, as each member of your chain of command feels compelled to tell you the same shit you just heard but in a different voice.

With that said, I’ll keep my weekend brief for you all short:

If you wouldn’t put your mouth on it, don’t put your dick in it.

Have a great weekend.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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