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Terminal Lance #507 “Shitter Poet”


In every platoon there is at least one guy that can write the most eloquent self-expressions in the form of poetry. This Marine also chooses to write those exclusively on the porta-shitter walls.

This Marine is a morale-booster, a savant of sorts that entertains every member of the unit with his sharp wit. Go into any porta-shitter across the Corps and you’ll find a shrine of rotten thoughts and crude illustrations from the deepest nether regions of the Marine mind. The true nature of the Marine Corps and possibly the most profound secrets of the universe can be found here if you look hard enough.

I applaud the shitter poet, for he has kept us all entertained in the darkest, smelliest hours of our lives with his candor and brilliance.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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