Terminal Lance “Hawaii Five-Oh Shit”

January 16, 2018

In case you missed it, there was a ballistic missile alert on Saturday morning for the entire state of Hawaii, proclaiming that it was “NOT A DRILL.” Having been stationed in Hawaii for most of my enlistment (3/3 India Co), my immediate thought was to what the Marines in my old stomping grounds of K-Bay must be thinking. I imagine they didn’t give much of a shit, but it was also early enough on a Saturday morning that most of my kin were likely hungover or otherwise still drunk.

A little known secret about why the Marine Corps is such an effective fighting force: Life is usually so shitty that dying is an okay alternative. I mean, you don’t necessarily want to, but, like, anything is better than this shit. A fiery nuclear holocaust heading our way? Oh well. Life has been okay. I guess.


Thank you for your service, CPL Austin.