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I always say to Max that he doesn’t listen to me. Which most women will agree that their other halves don’t either. So with that in mind, when a British media conglomerate offered Max money to create exclusively British content for 1,000 GBP, I tried to explain to him that 1,000 pounds didn’t mean “1,000 pounds” of American dollar bills, but surprise, surprise he didn’t listen to me.

All he remarked was along the lines of, “they have Lance Corporals in the British military too, right? This will be easy! I don’t even have to change the name of the comic!”

Since Max does not know the first thing about British culture, I will now be writing all of his entries from here onward.

Anyway it is true that when it comes to biscuits, you definitely need a cup of tea with them. And then, you have to tread the line of how long you hold your biscuit in your tea? I mean do you dunk your digestive in quickly, or do you add excitement by holding it in there for an irresponsible amount of time and run the risk of having a bad day because it broke off and fell into your tea.

Americans will never really understand the horrors of biscuits crumbling away into to tea. Probably because they threw it all overboard.

Don’t forget, you can purchase McVitie’s Digestives at all grocery stores across the UK, from Sainsbury’s to Waitrose!

Rachael Gunn

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