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Terminal Lance #451 “Bricks Life III”


Just as light cannot exist without dark, OOD’s cannot exist without insane bullshit going on in the barracks to keep them busy. Would there even be a need for an OOD if there weren’t Lance Corporals to fuck with them? No. It is then the responsibility of the barracks Lance Corporal to make sure that government money is being put to good use and give the OOD something to do on Friday nights.

After all, we’ve all had enough 5 hour long PowerPoint presentations on Fraud, Waste and Abuse to know that government resources need to be put to good use.

So buck up, OOD. Just know that we do this to you as a duty to this great nation.

Super late update today, I’m on “leave” myself in Portland visiting family for the holidays, but I’m sure most of you are too drunk on eggnog and PlayStation 4 games to notice. In any case, expect things to return to normal next week.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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