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Terminal Lance #433 “Pull Out Your CAC II”


Everyone is issued their first CAC (Combined Access Card) in boot camp, but unfortunately, that means your first official government photo is taken… in boot camp.

Boot camp you is probably the least flattering version of yourself throughout the history of your life.

Your head is sloppily shaved, you’re visibly tired, you smell like a strange mix of flatulence and Cobra 65 smell good, and you generally just don’t want to be there. Unfortunately, this ID is what you’ll carry around with you for most of your enlistment, should you choose not to reenlist and are particularly adept at gear accountability.

Of course, rarely is anyone particularly ecstatic about their identification photo, in nearly any scenario. There’s just something about a crappy webcam photo printing onto a 1″x2″ spot on a plastic card that is especially underwhelming.

Then again, it’s better to have your unfortunate first card than to lose it…


Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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