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Terminal Lance “Memorial Day 2016”


I mean what else do they do?

I don’t normally do comics on Monday’s, but today is a very special Monday! Today is Memorial Day.

I’m not going to sit here and guilt-trip you into being miserable on your day off, because I don’t think that’s what our fallen brothers and sisters would have wanted from us. In my humble opinion as a Marine, I like to think that those that gave the ultimate sacrifice would want us to carry on and enjoy ourselves without them. After all, it is their sacrifices that allow us the freedoms we have, so shouldn’t we celebrate those freedoms?

For my part, I know that if I wouldn’t have made it back from Iraq all those years ago, I wouldn’t be sitting up in heaven wishing my friends and family were posting angry Facebook statuses on my behalf. I don’t know, that’s just not my thing. From what I know of Marines, I think they would rather see you drink a beer, get laid, and light something on fire today rather than mope around feeling sorry for them.

Still, this day is important, as it gives us all a chance to honor and reflect on those great men and women that never made it home. Certainly no one would fault you for taking a bit of time today to remember those heroes of the past…

…Even those from the Coast Guard.

But for real, Marines get kind of fucked over in heaven. That contract is for eternity.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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